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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Airline Restriction Causes

Dramatic change in the regulation of air travel luggage
Since September when 9.11 terrorist attacks, air travel has become more confusing way to reach your destination. Due to the ease with which the materials are taken into account that the attacks were carried out, materials and things that are allowed to carry on a plane now have become more restricted. Previously, only the size of luggage used to matter, but now you also have to be careful with the space in your luggage will be up to the weight of the bag, and most importantly, the elements that accompany it.

Rules of the size of the luggage bag
The first consideration has to be considered is the airline luggage restrictions in size. These measures and restrictions are well determined by the competent authorities and airport security, not only because of threats and terror, but for the amount of space and the space needed for the trip and for the comfort of other passengers.

The person must carry only one bag. It also lets you bring a personal object. The length, width and height of the background is summarized in inches, so that the overall measure should not exceed 45 inches. However, there are some companies that allow the size of luggage up to 51 inches. Your hand baggage must be able to fit in the overhead compartment or under the front seat instead. It should fit snugly on the computer used by the aviation authorities to determine its size. Another important point to consider is that the personal material includes laptops, purses, briefcases and other related items. Items such as books and journals that are not relevant in this respect, although they are only allowed one carry-on luggage.

Rules baggage baggage weight
Baggage restrictions on baggage weight may vary depending on the airline. Carriers like American Airlines, Continental Airlines, Delta Airlines and Northwest Airlines baggage weight limit of 40 pounds. On the other hand, the maximum allowed by Virgin Atlantic is 35 pounds, while that of British Airways and Air France only 26 pounds.

Baggage Rules Luggage material
One of the main problems faced by passengers in recent years are the limits and restrictions attached to the items you can carry on board. In most cases, these conditions have imposed severe restrictions on several different elements of personal hygiene, which can be particularly tax if you are traveling a very long flight. However, all these ordinances are for the purpose of passenger safety. It is very important to know that these items are not banned, but the containers and tubes that are stored in. However, it is possible to carry these items in a plastic bag where possible. Also make sure you understand the special ordinances of the airline or the country you go to, because their ordinances can vary.


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